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Isaac the Adventurer

Embark on a dangerous journey in the role of a small boy who is chasing his dream of becoming a great adventurer. 

Solve mysterious puzzles, get past dangerous traps, collect ancient treasures and slay the undead. 

Let the adventure begin!  Read More

Clever Me: Math ‘n Shop

Put your math and memory skills to the test by running a grocery store. 

Sum up the values of the items in order to get rewarded with coins which raise your score. 

This app provides the perfect learning experience for both children and adults. Read More

Boom Boom Christmas

Santa needs you! Help Santa by collecting presents for him. 

Watch out for the dangerous bombs that are flying around. They might hurt you and destroy the presents. Tap on them in order to destroy them. 
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The path to Steam continues!

August 23, 2014 | admin

Isaac has been Greenlit

We have reached an important milestone. We have been Greenlit! We would like to thank everyone who voted for our game on Greenlight. It means a lot to us! Read More

The new Isaac

June 20, 2014 | admin Quite some time has passed since we published Isaac the Adventurer. During this time we gathered a lot of feedback from our players. We are a team that respects the community and we want to tell you one thing: "We listened." Read More

New website!

June 20, 2014 | admin We finally found some time to update our website. With the fancy new upgrade we also got a blog section!  Read More

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