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Gamescom Slovenia

Gamescom Slovenia is a community based around the german Gamescom fair. The community tries to organise a trip to the event every year, keeping quality in mind. We started "GCSI" in 2013 and have organised two trips since then.

Isaac the Adventurer

Embark on a dangerous journey in the role of a small boy who is chasing his dream of becoming a great adventurer. 

Solve mysterious puzzles, get past dangerous traps, collect ancient treasures and slay the undead. 

Let the adventure begin!  Read More

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The new Isaac

June 20, 2014 | admin Quite some time has passed since we published Isaac the Adventurer. During this time we gathered a lot of feedback from our players. We are a team that respects the community and we want to tell you one thing: "We listened." Read More

New website!

June 20, 2014 | admin We finally found some time to update our website. With the fancy new upgrade we also got a blog section!  Read More

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